Welcome, to the Polaring website.

New release: 00.04.09 (22 April 2009)

Some minor fixups which, taken all together, warranted a new release. Get it here.

Testpolaring has been updated to 00.04.09, so you can view the changes there "live" as well.

Localized date-strings: if you use the Swedish locale, it shouldn't say "March" anymore, but "mars", and so on. Italian should work, but I haven't tested it (as I don't have that locale generated on my server). If you do test it, please let me know if it works or not! Interested in more locales? Give us a shout!

Map points, a new user setting which affects the detail of the google map. The previous setting was to only use 75 points in the polyline at any given map --- which was a rather small number. It's now set to 100 by default, but if you want as many points as possible, set it to 0.

Graphs have been prettified. Not a lot. But somewhat.

Min/km, which was introduced in 00.04.08, used the decimal form; ie "4,79min". This has now been changed to "min,sec", eg. "4,47".

Switched from Subversion to Git

I've used Subversion in the past for handling the sourcecode of polaring. Now switched to Git. (The old codebase is still left up at the subversion repository, but it won't be updated anymore.)

For more information on the git repository, see under Download.

New release: 00.04.08 (24 January 2009)

A new release, not many changes -- mostly bugfixes. The most noteworthy thing might be addition of the option to use min/km as speed instead of km/h. See details in the changelog. Download it from here.

PS. Polaring live has been updated to 00.04.08, in case you just want to take it for a test run.

Website updates (19 October 2008)

New page: Download. Get the latest polaring package; earlier versions of it; or check out the svn repository for the developers current version.

Added the INSTALL file to the website. If you're wondering how to go about installing Polaring, or what the prerequisites are, check that out.

Added the CHANGES file to the website. If you're curious what changes has been made between the different versions of Polaring, look here.

Test Polaring live! (3 April 2008)

This was a update long due, eh? Finally here, you can now test polaring live. Direct your browser to testpolaring and you're good to go!

Support for Garmin Training Center >=3.2.* (5 July 2007)

Finally, there's support for the new Garmin Training Center (polaring >=v00.04.07. It should work in exactly the same way as the older (hst) support did. Get it from the Sourceforge Download site!