- Complete translation of comments and function names from Swedish to English
 - More translations?
 - Hitcounter
 - Capability of storing max/rest hr and various test-results (MySQL)
 - Graph over change in "test-results" (see above)
 - Use max-hr (and, where applicable, rest-hr) from diary for calculations.
   Select max-hr most closest to date of exercise.
 - Categorize by year, in the same manner as is already done by month? Optional?
 - Categorize by year -> month -> weeks -> days -> day?
 - Fix bug: if a year is chosen, there's no direct way to choose another (year).
   The user is forced to click on "Diary" to see all years, i.e. to unselect date.


Polaring 00.04.09
 - New configuration option: map points! Allowing user to set level of detail in a google map.
 - Date strings are now localized! Swedish and English tested; Italiano *should* work, contact me if you're interested in more!
 - min/km, which was introduced in 00.04.08, was previously in decimal form (4,79, for example); now moved to *seconds* instead (4,79min => 4min47sec).
 - Suddenly emerged need to have check for a bug concerning SRD-files (specifically parsing of year).
 - No values printed in graphs if there's too many points on x-axis.
 - Minor cosmetic improvements (?) in graphs.

Polaring 00.04.08
 - Added support for switching between km/h or min/km view. Graphs as well as
   tables are both affected by the change. Can be set manually in configuration.php
   or by the settings-page. **Default is now min/km.**
 - Graphs (month-, months-view) aren't as cramped anymore when there's
   data from a long time back.
 - Graph daySpeed shown when there's no heartrate but there's speed.
 - Fixed graph-bug where ugly lines where drawn on some graphs.
   Only day-graphs with distance were affected; probably due to crappy
   programming on my part when it came to doing laps and such (empty distance?).
 - Quotes can now be used without escaping in the config-page.

Polaring 00.04.07
 - Support for Garmin Training Center >=3.2.*
 - Added user-configurable footer.

Polaring 00.04.06
 - Months-view: If there's exercises from more than one year, all years are summed up, and only workouts from one year is shown at a time.
 - Month-view: Hopefully, the workouts will stay sorted now!

Polaring 00.04.05
 - New graph: altitude with distance for x-axis, in addition to the one we already had (x = time). Polaring checks for distance, and serves x = dist if found, otherwise the old one.
 - Removed max-value from speed-graph in month-view. More interested in average, and thought that wasn't displayed detailed enough when max-value raised the scale too high.
 - Some small polishing (graphs).
 - Fixed possible security vulnerability(?) concerning (SESSION and) phpindex.

Polaring 00.04.04
 - Security fix! (See ; BID:20183 ; ; XF:polaring-general-file-include(29138) ; ; CVE-2006-5078 )
 - Fixed small bugs

Polaring 00.04.03
 - New graph (section polar; day-view): altitude.
 - A bit better (?) speedcheck for Garmin-files.
 - Graphs are first shown as "thumbs". When a graph is clicked upon, (that thumb is removed and) a bigger version is shown.
 - (Section polar: day-view) The pie-chart that rounds heartrate to closes tenth, now doesn't stop/chunk together <=150, but shows all.
 - A few translation in (code-)comments (swe => eng).
 - Removed duplicate variable in some functions: headphp & indexphp => indexphp (only).

Polaring 00.04.02
 - Better Garmin (Training Center only!) support.
 - Change in (functions/)polaring.sql: in sampleData, hrSample should use _SMALL_int, not tinyint (which is too tiny).
 - Check for invalid values in graphs.
 - In day- and month-views (section: polar), the back-link isn't `go back in history' anymore, but goes `up'. I.e. if we're (in day-view) at day 2006-08-24, polaring goes "back" to "2006-08".

Polaring 00.04.01
 - No more "home"! It didn't serve a purpose, did it? So it's removed.
 - Possibility to upload workouts. (There's a optional IP-check for this!)
 - MySQL-cache for workouts! Can speed up viewing of workouts considerably! Espescially if you're viewing garmin- or hrm-files. (Use functions/polaring.sql to create necessary tables.)
 - Streamlined parsing of exercises. Hopefully, this will result in increased speed.
 - Added support for workouts recorded with the Garmin Forerunner 305. (Or rather: workouts exported (HISTORY) with GARMIN TRAINING CENTER.) Only tested workouts saved and exported with Garmin Trainingcenter!
 - Streamlined the handling of graphs in polaring.php. Invidivual handling of graphs isn't needed anymore.
 - Added graphs. In months-view: distance min/avg/max; time min/avg/max; speed avg. In month-view: speed avg/max.
 - If there's no distance-data, then time-graph will be shown instead of distance & time (months- and month-view).
 - When calculating distance- and speed averages for month(s), the figure should be (more) accurate now, because exercises with zero-values aren't counted in anymore.

Polaring 00.03.09
 - Added some stuff concerning the IP:check. If only exercises are to be shown for the user, then skip `home' and jump right to it; in that case, also hide the navigation (since the user can't move around anyway).
 - Possible to allow all viewers, by entering "ALL" as IP.

Polaring 00.03.08
 - Sorry it took me so long to add this: IP-check for certain sections: diary, tools and settings. An array of OK-IP-numbers can be entered. Useful for instance to prohibit all users but local to view -- and change! -- the settings.
 - New configuration options related to the above.
 - New file: functions/user.php, functions for fetch user-info and such.

Polaring 00.03.07
 - Added temp-directory (./temp), which is used for conversion srd -> hrm. (Needed if exercises is stored as srd. Make sure the directory is writable by the web-server.)
 - Added directory "/userdata", which is used for storing information about the user, as well as diary- and exercise-data etc. (Not implemented yet.)
 - Added file userdata/testresults.xml, where info about max-hr, rest-hr weight and so on will be recorded. (Not implemented  yet.)
 - Added file userdata/persinfo.xml, where personal info, such as name and birthdate, will be recorded. (Not implemented yet.)
 - Added file userdata/diary.xml, where diary-entries will be recorded. (Not implemented yet.)
 - Added file userdata/exercises, where exercises will be cached. (Not implemented yet.)
 - Added functions/xmlparser.php, which is used for parsing and writing xml-files. It utilizes XML.php and Unicode.php. (Not implemented yet.)
 - Added functions/XML.php and functions/Unicode.php, which were taken as-is from the JPEG Metadata -project. They are used for parsing and writing xml-files. (Not implemented yet.)
 - Added functions/fileFunctions.php, which will contain general file-handling functions.
 - Continued translating function- and variable-names from Swedish to English.
 - Added configuration-options related to Jpgraph, mainly TTY-stuff.
 - If set, TTY-fonts will be used in graphs. Enabling use of, for example, the scandinavian characters etc.
 - Added functions/errorCheck, which will check for errors in settings and such.
 - Added view/errorReport, which contains functions that tells the user what's wrong.
 - Added check (in polaring.php) for if exercise-dir exists.
 - If there's no data, the column for that data shouldn't be shown. Fix implemented, but not tested! So please tell me if you encounter errors.

Polaring 00.03.06
 - New section: Tools
 - Tool: export MySQL-diary to XML (functions/sqltoxml.php)
 - Moved from TrueType fonts to internal (jpgraph).
 - New translation: Italian. Thanks goes to Giuliano Carta!
 - Remodeled the functions that handles translation-strings. It got a bit more streamlined (fewer lines of code) and a error-handling if a string isn't found in selected translation.

Polaring 00.03.05
 - New (tabbed) view.
 - New configuration-option: change view (tabbed/left menu)
 - Changed graph Heart rate and speed to use dynamic scales, instead of fixed values. Utilizing "grace values" (jpgraph) so that both lines are visible.
 - Small bug fixed -- it's possible polaring now correctly detects if British units are used in exercises. Not tested!, so contact if you have. (No change expected in headings, but the figures might be correct?)
 - Converted the contents of all files from iso8859-15 to utf-8
 - Translated filenames from Swedish to English
 - Started changing/translation function names and comments from Swedish to English
 - Added configuration option: start of week (not implemented anywhere yet)
 - Fixed references to some variables (or rather how they are referenced)
 - Removed obsolete files

Polaring 00.03.04
 - Removed jpgraph and added configuration variable: path to jpgraph
 - Begun effort to write documentation (README, INSTALL etc.)

Polaring 00.03.03
 - Added antialiasing to most of the graphs.
 - Tried to add "day-graph", altitude, but it didn't seem to work...

Polaring 00.03.02
 - Fixed small bug, concerning diary-function, related to strings.

Polaring 00.03.01
 - Modified konfiguration.php somewhat.
 - Added configuration-page, also added it to the menu
 - Diary-capability is optional, as is MySQL-support. If MySQL support is turned off, so is diary-capabilities. (Naturally,diary disappears from menu if MySQL is turned off.)
 - The configuration/setup-page is fully supported by translations.

Polaring 00.02.04
 - Got rid of visa/strings.php
   Echoing strings now works through two files, funktioner/strings.php and a translation file.
 - Transition of strings complete. All strings throughout the package are taken from a translation-file.
 - Added translations/english.xml, fully populated.

Polaring 00.02.03
 - Moved the actual strings from visa/strings.php to xml-file(s) in the directory `translations'.
 - Populated translations/swedish.xml
 - Updated visa/strings.php to reflect that, that is: visa/strings.php now works in such a way that it looks up strings (through funktioner/strings.php) and returns them. When calling for a string, you still use the functions contained in visa/strings.php
 - Which translation-file to be used is set in funktioner/allmanna.php $_SESSION['translationFile']. (Later on it will, of course, be possible to set it in the

Polaring 00.02.02
 - Introduced 'visa/strings.php'.
 - The plan is that strings.php will contain all strings used throughout the package.
 - So far all of the diary-strings have been moved there.

Polaring 00.02.01
 - Diary-capability